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How does ePay print off my submission reports?

Submission reports can be printed of at any point after validation and during the submission process. This can be done either automatically or manually. You also able to go back and print/view reports after the submission has been sent. Bacs reports such as AWACS and ADDACS will be available to print once they have been downloaded.

To set the system up to print the reports automatically after validation please see article: How do I check and configure automatic printing?

You are also able to print them off manually during the submission process at any point after validation. Please follow the instructions below:

Click on 'Reports' > open the report you wish to print > select 'Print'. This will then give you the option to print to any local printer setup on your system.

To go back and print any of the submission reports or any other Bacs reports please follow the instructions below:

Click on 'Reports' > Either 'Submission Reports' for your processing reports or 'Returns and Advices' for your Bacs reports > double click the report you wish to open > Select 'Print'.

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