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How can I download reports in ePay?

1. Log into ePay as the user who wishes to download reports.

Please Note: You require a certificate to do these step must be completed by a user with a Smart Card or HSM certificate attached.

2. Select 'Reports' > 'Submission reports'.

3. Click 'retrieve reports' in the top left hand corner.

4. This will launch the reports retrieval wizard. From here you can choose what reports to download. Unless there is something specific you want to download choose 'Retrieve all unread reports' and click 'Next'.

5. Click 'Next' this will then connect you to the BACS servers. If you are using a Smart Card enter your PIN when prompted, otherwise click 'Next' and then 'Finish'.

6. All reports should then appear under 'Submission Reports'. Returns and Advices will appear under the reports section.

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