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Database backup task failing in ePay, what should I do?

We recommend that this is done by somebody in your IT department who has full access to the server and is familiar with your IT infrastructure.

To check the database task has been setup correctly please see article: How do I configure and make changes to the backup in ePay?

The best log files to check, would be the ePay server logs.  These can be located on the machine where the ePay server is installed. 

Default install directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bottomline Technologies\ePay Server\log 

If the logs do not show why the task is failing, check the following: 

  1. Check the directory where ePay should be backing up the DB. Are there recent files in there for both DB's (EFT and EFT Scheduler)? - If so, ePay is backing up, but the task status is still failed this may be because of an issue with the software. In this instance please contact technical support who can resolve this for you. -  If no backup files are being created try the following:
  2. Does the ePay service account have read, write, and modify permissions to the backup directory? The service account can be found by going into Windows Services > Double click on the 'Bottomline ePay' service > click on the Log on tab. For more information on the service account please see the related article: How can I find the account being used to run the ePay service (ePay service user account)?
  3. Log into the server as the ePay service account (found in step 2), and log into the SQL Management Studio. Try and backup the DB within SQL Management Studio to the backup directory shown in ePay. If this still fails, it suggest a permissions issue. If this works there may be an additional error in the ePay software

If you are still receiving errors, please refer to the ePay log file named 'log.txt'. This is located in the ePay Server installation directory. (Default C:\Program Files\Albany\ePay Server\Logs) as this will offer more information on why it is failing.


If you still experience issues contact Technical Support on: Tel: 0870 081 8250 (option 2). Please provide the error logs and any steps taken so far.

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