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Can I change the way ePay determines the payment date of a submission?

Yes. You are able to amend the way ePay determines the payment date of the submission by configuring this in the payment profile.

Please Note: Each payment profile has its own configuration so needs to be applied to each profile individually.

1. Log into ePay as an administrator or as a user with permissions to edit payment profile settings.

2. Click 'Administration'.

3. Select 'Payment profiles'.

4. Select the profile you wish to amend.

5. Choose the 'Processing Rules' tab.

6. Select 'Advanced view'.

7. Scroll down and highlight 'Payment date'.

8. You will then have 3 options available:-

- From Source Data – This means the date will be picked up from the file and users will not be able to choose or change the payment date.

- Prompt – Just before the validation stage a calendar will be shown that allows the user to choose a date within the next 30 days.

- Next Available – This means the date will default to the earliest processing date and will not allow the user to change the date.

9. Choose the appropriate option and click the floppy disk symbol at the top of the page to save.

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