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How can I link a new or existing smart card certificate in ePay?

If you are looking to add certificates in ePay, follow the instructions below:

1. Log in ePay as the user of the smart card, then browse to 'Administration' > 'Bacs User Certificates'.

Please Note: If you do not have permissions to see 'Bacs User Certificates' you must log into ePay as an 'Administrator'.

2. Under 'Bacs User Certificates' locate any existing records for the user and the service user number (SUN) in question. Delete any related entries by highlighting the record and clicking the delete option at the top of the screen (black cross).

3. In the top left hand corner, click 'New' > Under 'details' choose the 'User' and the 'Service User Number' to which you wish to link the new certificate.

4. Make sure the correct Smart Card is in the reader and choose 'Select Certificate' and highlight the certificate required. Then click 'OK'

Please Note: If you are unable to see your Smart Card during this step please try the following:

- If the Smart Card reader is flashing please follow artcle: Unable to find smart card - Card reader is flashing.

- If the Smart Card reader has a solid green light please check the CA certificates are installed into the correct directory: How do I manually install CA Certificates?

5. If the user’s card is linked to multiple Bacs SUNs then you have to repeat steps 3 and 4 for each SUN.

If you still experience issues contact Technical Support on: Tel: 0118 9258 250 (option 2). Please provide any steps you have taken so far.

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