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How do I set up DDM notifications?

1. Log onto your application server and double click the PCOClient icon found in:

<Installed Directory>\subsystems\directdebit\pco – this will bring up the PCO Monitor.

2. Right click the task you wish to be notified on and select ‘Edit’.


3. Select the ‘Notifications’ button.


4. Set the interval. This is how often you wish to be emailed of the failure.


5. Then select the envelope with green '+' to add an email address to the emailing list.

6. Fill in the relevant email address and name of email alert.

7. Notification ‘Escalate’ will notify you of any errors that may have occurred during the task running.

8. Select ‘OK’.

This will now generate email notifications notifying you of task events as per setup. If you have selected ‘Escalate’, these escalation emails will have to be removed manually from within the PCO Monitor by going to the Escalation tab and right clicking the escalation and selecting ‘Clear’. This will stop the Escalation emails from being sent.


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