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How do I create an Ad-hoc Payment?

To create an ad-hoc payment, please follow these steps:

1. Select the debtor to which you wish to make the payment.

2. In the 'Payment Plans' area of the debtor's details, click ‘Payment Plans’.

3. Select the checkbox next to the plan you want to use for creating the payment.

Please Note: The plan can be an ad-hoc plan, or one that has an associated payment schedule.

4. Click ‘Actions’, point to Payments, and then click ‘New Ad-hoc’.

5. Enter details of the payment, and then click ‘OK’.

Please Note: When sending an ad-hoc payment, an advanced notice period will need to be provided. Please see the related article for more information: Do I have to give an advanced notice period when making an ad-hoc payment?

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