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How do you measure the quality of service at Bottomline?

We have an extensive customer feedback process which draws information from internal surveys, independently conducted external surveys, customer forums, site reports, and services reviews. We also use the continuous improvement process derived from our customer service accreditation programme to track and measure quality and consistency.

We have four main C1 areas:

  • C1 Index - this is derived from our survey process.
  • Recommendation rate - this is the percentage of customers who  would recommend us to a collegue or another organisation
  • Delight Zone - this tracks our feedback performance and creates a score for "delighted" customers
  • Abandoned call rate - this tracks the first point of service contact, when a customer contacts us with a query, but are then not able to get through to a Bottomline engineer and subsequently abandon the call.

In addition to the company-wide C1 Metrics, our support and implementation teams have  Service Level Agreements, that are essential in the provision of our outstanding support. 

Finally we believe our teams are a vital source of information on how our customers are feeling. We measure the employee view of our customer service via the ICS ServCheck process.

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