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How do I amend the CSeries notification email address?

To setup/amend the C-Series notification email address please follow the instructions below:

  • On the C-Series admin website, select 'Client Maintenance’.
  • Then select 'Setup' -> 'Client Email Maintenance' -> 'Client Email Recipients' -> 'Modify'.
  • Click on ‘_SYSTEMDEFAULTFROM’ to modify the originating email address
  • Enter your new originating email address in the Email Address field
  • Click 'Update' to save the change.


Client Email Maintenance Option Missing

The following applies to C Series and Web Series customers;

If you're unable to access the Client Email Maintenance option within the Admin site, an incident will need to be raised with Support.  

Support will either need to amend the admin function roles to include the ‘Client Email Maintenance’ option or provide your DBA with a SQL script to amend the email address in the database.

Due to the nature of the request we require written authorisation on company letter headed paper stating the exact requirement and must be signed by a Manager or Director.

This must be then emailed to us and the person who sends it must be different to whoever signed the authorisation; anything else will be rejected. Our email address is

Once we have this authorisation we will be in contact to carry out the request. We would recommend having a member of your IT department available.

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