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How do I amend the default report limits?

We recommend that this is carried out by your IT department who has full access to the server and is familiar with your IT infrastructure.

In order to increase default limits, once you're running reports please follow these steps;

1. Log in to server, click on 'Start' > 'AllPprograms' > 'Business Objects XI' > 'Crystal Reports Server Embedded' > 'Central Configuration Manager'.

2. Select 'Report Application Server 12' > right click and select 'Stop'.

3. As shown in the pictures below where Max number of records can be set to 'Unlimited' or set to any value.

4. Once this is changed you will have to start the service again.

Please note: This depends on server resources and sometimes unlimited option might crash the service. In that case this need to be tailored i.e. increasing limit gradually until required result.


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