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How do I generate a new test application in C-Series?

We recommend this is carried out by your IT department who has full access to the server and is familiar with your IT infrastructure.

The first step would be to log into the C-Series UI as a user account with admin rights (able to view the administration tab).

If the test applications are for new service user numbers (SUN's), these will need to be added via the 'Administration' > 'BACS' > 'Service User Numbers' then select the relevant SUN’s as required. If these SUN’s are to be tested in the form of a bureau test file (imported batches are converted to bureau batches before submission) then you will need to ensure the SUN’s are linked to the bureau number.

This is achieved by clicking 'Administration' > 'Bureau Numbers' > Clicking the bureau number, adding the related user numbers to the bureau and then saving changes.

To add a new test application click the 'Administration' tab > 'BACS' > 'Applications' > 'Add'.

This will allow you to set the test application detail, file source path, file mask & template. By default the template will be a fully formed standard 18 file format. If the template requires changing this will need to be requested from your Bottomline account manager. You could potentially copy an existing template from a separate application and use this in the new test application, pasting over the existing template.

Please ensure the submission type is set to 'Full Test' to ensure the bank is notified at the end of the test submission process and then make sure the changes are saved before leaving the page.

The system will prompt you to restart the 'Bottomline Event Manager' service upon saving the detail, this will need to be completed via the live application server, this will enable the server to start polling the file path ready for when the files are dropped in. From here a test file can be dropped into the watched folder and imported into C-Series payments for test submissions.

Please Note:  If the test application is to be submitted via the bureau application, then the current live bureau application will need to be changed from 'Live' to 'Full Test'. It is extremely important to not the miss this step as leaving the bureau 'Live' will submit a test submission as live. Once testing has been completed and test batches submitted, the bureau application will need reverting back to 'Live'. It would be a suggestion to not condusct testing during live submission times of the day.

Once all these steps have been followed the applications will likely need to be added to the data roles for the relevant users to be able to access the new test applications. This will need to be done from the Live C-Series administration portal and will require 2 administrators to complete the changes.

Once logged into the admin portal (http://?????/cseries-admin - User-group CBAO) you will need to click 'Client' 'Maintenance' > 'Setup' > 'Users & Groups' > 'Client Data roles' > 'Modify' > select the Data role > 'ACH' > Now set the selects to include the new applications (assuming selects are chosen for the relevant fields) clicking update when completed. If 'ALL' instead of 'SELECT' are bullet pointed you can skip this task. If changes are made then after clicking update, logout of the first admin user and re-log into the admin portal as the second admin.

The path for the second admin user to follow to approve the changes are almost identical, select 'Client Maintenance' > 'Setup' > 'Users & Groups' > 'Client Data roles' > 'Approve'. Please tick the required fields that need approval and then click the approve button to confirm. Logout of the second admin.

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