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How can I clear log files for space on the C-Series hard drive?

CSeries creates various log files which can be removed as they are not necessarily required. If you wish to do so, please browse to the following locations:



The system creates a server.log.YYYY-MM-DD file in here each day. The older files can be deleted from the system



The system creates files called bt_webapp_YYYY_MM_DD.log in here. The older files can be deleted from the system



When any issues are seen with the automated events, CSeries will write an entry out to the bt_hub.log file. This can grow quite quickly and can be deleted. The system will automatically create the file if the file does not exist.


C:\ProgramData\Bottomline Technologies\BacsTxLogs

If communication logs are enabled in CSeries, then each time a submission or report retrieval is performed then a comm log is written out. These are named BacsServiceTxLog_YYYY-MM-DD_HH_MM_SS.txt. The older files can be removed from the system.

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