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What do the status codes for C-Series mean?

A1                   Error report returned

A2                   Error report returned

AI                    Ack corrupt

AP                   Approved

AR                   Approver Rejected

BA                   Bank Acknowledged

BC                   Bank Confirmed

BF                   Validation failed

BR                   Bank Received

BV                   Return file validated

DL                   Deleted

DN                   Done

DS                   Digitally Signed

EN                   Entered

EP                   Extract in Process

ES                   Batch Extraction Successful

EX                   Expired

F1                    Batch Re-Extraction Failed

F2                    Transmission unsuccessful

FB                    Download failed

FE                    Batch Extraction Failed

FL                    Download failed

FN                    Failed to get return file

FR                    Upload failed

FS                    Upload failed

FX                   Failed to get return file - retrying

HD                  Held

HR                  In-Process - Header Record Outsource

HV                  2nd Approval Needed

I1                     Individual Reprint Request

I2                     IR Extract in Process

I3                     IR Released

I4                     IR Update in Process

IA                    Incomplete Approval

IC                    Incomplete

ID                    In Process - UI Download Return File

IE                    In Process - Extracting Batch

IF                    In Process - Downloading File

IG                    In Process - Download Ack Report

IP                    Import in Progress

IR                    Individual Reprint Processed

IS                    In Process - Uploading Batch

IV                    In-Process Validate Return File

LP                   Load in Process

MD                  Ack not received

MF                  MAC Failure

MP                  Memo Posted

ND                  Needs Debit

NR                  Needs Repair

PF                   Print Failure

PO                  Prenote Only

PP                  Processed in Progress

PR                   Processed

PS                   Prestart

PX                   Processed - Incomplete

R1                   Failed to get return file

R2                   Failed to get return file

RB                   Rejected by Bacs

RC                   Received

RD                  Return file downloaded

RJ                    Rejected

RL                   Released

RP                   Released to Printer

RT                   Needs Rate

SB                   Submitting to Bacs

SC                   Upload complete

TF                    Trade Failed

TR                   Trading

VR                  Transmission successful

ZD                   Zero Dollar Entry

ZL                   Zero Dollar Live

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