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Why am I unable to sign my submission? Error: unable to load envelope data from server

The issue that you are seeing on your system can be resolved by carrying out the following procedure:

We recommend that this is done using a Windows user profile with full administrative rights. Please ensure that Internet Explorer is opened with administrative right (Right click IE > Run as administrator)

Go to:

1. 'Start'.

2. 'Control Panel'.

3. 'Internet Options'.

4. 'Security'.

5. 'Trusted Sites'.

6. 'Sites'.

7. 'Advanced'.

8. Add in the C-Series URL.

9. 'Close'.

10. 'Apply'.


Once you have added the site to trusted sites you will have to update the security level of the local intranet sites:

1.  Set the default level to low.

2. Click 'apply'.

3. Click on 'custom level'.

4. Ensure that anything under the Active X controls and Plug-ins that is set to disable is enabled. (Only for the Active X controls and Plug-ins).

5. Click 'OK'.

6. 'Apply'.


Once this has been done it is also recommended to add the CSeries URL into compatibility view you can do this in your Internet explorer browser:

1. 'Tools'.

2. 'Compatibility View Settings'.

3. Add the C-Series URL.

4. Click 'Display all websites in compatibility view'.

5. 'Close'.


Please Note: This will ensure that the Bottomline_Esigner active X controller can be installed, once this has been done you will need to re-register you card certificates:

Go To:

1. 'Start'.

2. 'All Programs'.

3. Gemplus/Gemalto

Open the Classic client toolbox and then click on the 'Certificates' tab.

1. Enter your card PIN number.

2. Click 'log on'.

3. Click on 'register all'.

From here you should get a message saying that you have successfully installed X amount of Certificates, click 'OK' to complete.

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