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How do I collect a Bacs Submission report?

To collect reports, please follow the steps below:

1. Click the ‘Reporting’

2. In the sidebar of the Reporting view, click the right arrow next to ‘Bacs reports’ to expand the section.

3. In the sidebar, click the right arrow next to ‘Collect Bacs reports’ or ‘Collect FPS reports’ to expand the section.

4. Then, select details of the report or reports you want to collect.

5. Click ‘Get report list’.

6. If prompted, select the digital certificate to use.

7. Enter your PIN code and then click ‘OK’.

Please Note: A list of reports that match your specified criteria appears in the work area.

8. Select the reports you want to collect, and then click ‘Get reports (Bacs)’ or ‘Collect (Faster Payments)’

9. Click ‘Finish’.

Alternatively, if you would like to Download the Bacs Submission Reports. Please follow the steps in the related article: How can I download a Bacs Submission report?

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