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How do I remove and reinstall Active X control in C-Series?

We recommend this is carried out by your IT department who has full access to the server and is familiar with your IT infrastructure.

To remove the active X control in C-Series please follow the instructions below;

A. The e-signer as well as other add-ons are managed in Internet Explorer (IE) under 'Manage Add-Ons'.

From here you will be able to disable the add on. Alternatively if you right-mouse-click and choose properties you have the option to remove (bottom-left) the add-on.

This should remove the add-on from the machine (including the DLL file and registry keys).

B. Alternatively, (depends on OS & Browser version) you may need to use (or choose to use)
regsvr32.exe to unregister the add-on (DLL) as follows:

1. Open a command prompt and type regsvr32. This shows regsvr32 options.

2. The Bottomline e-signer should display as installed and the DLL located in the
“C:\windows\downloaded program files” folder (as previously confirmed in IE’s“Manage Add-Ons”)

3. Rerun regsvr32 with appropriate (/u) parameter to unregister/uninstall the DLL.

regsvr32 /u “C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\Bottomline_eSigner.dll”

Please Note: Make a note of the quotes because the path has spaces in it.

Once this is complete you will notice:

- You then see the DLL is unregistered

- You also see the DLL has been removed from the file system.

- The Add-On is no longer listed in IE’s Managed Add-Ons.

Once the active X control have been removed, you should be able to reinstall/re-register the add-on (DLL) by using either of the following steps:

A. Using regsvr32.

Copy the DLL to an appropriate folder

Register the DLL (without /u parameter) using regsvr32 “C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\Bottomline_eSigner.dll”

 B. Allowing the DLL (ActiveX) to be installed by C-Series.

Please Note: This was not loaded during user Login (following the removal of the DLL). This is loaded when you attempt to submit a payment.

You may need to check the IE settings for 'Download/Run signed/unsigned ActiveX controls' etc. if you get prompted (as shown above) to install the activeX.

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